Macrolux Systems

Macrolux specialized polycarbonate systems can be used as trapezoidal sheets, modular locking systems, sheets for ceilings combined with existing metallic structures and self-supporting solutions.

Macrolux Systems is specially indicated for ceilings and partitions in the field of civil and industrial construction. Our specialized polycarbonate systems are guaranteed during a period of 10 years against yellowing, light transmission loss and atmospheric agents.

Common Applications

  • Industrial
  • Architectural Projects
  • Commercial

Advantages and Benefits

  • Lightness and high impact resistance
  • Excellent natural light transmission
  • Easy to install
  • Optimal thermal isolation
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Certified products and quality guaranteed
  • UV Protection
Click 16

Click 16

The system for ceiling and walls Click 16 is ideal to make flat roofs and those of small surfaces such as garages, canopies, portals and greenhouses. It is made by polycarbonate extruded sheets with a 4 – wall structure.

The standard thickness of 16 mm ensures savings, high structural performance and versatility for different solutions that foresee the use of manageable materials easy to transport and install.

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Easyroof PA

Easyroof PA"

The specialized polycarbonate system Easyroof PA is the best solution for natural lighting on isolated polycarbonate sheets.

Specially designed for the use of natural lightning with a high thermal and acoustic isolation, to be combined with the steel isolated panels use in the construction industry. It has a protection layer against UV rays eliminating 99% of harmful rays, and thanks to its 4 – wall structure it avoids condensation. Resist hail of up to 21 mm of diameter.

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Modulit is a modular sheets system of extruded polycarbonate, ideal for the construction of translucent vertical and/or sloping walls. The system foresees the union of these sheets through a simple union system “dovetailing”. That way, the installation is extremely easy and fast, even for those with little or no experience. The range of accessories, made of perimeter profiles of anodized aluminum, fixing bars and sealing joints, makes it a complete system, versatile and secure regarding external loads and atmospheric agents.

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BDL is the ideal solution for domes or translucent roofs with flat or curved designs. This system, constituted of extruded polycarbonate sheets with multi wall structure, gives a good thermal isolation and optimal mechanical properties. Union between sheets is obtained in a simple and effective way through the use of specific polycarbonate clips or aluminum profiles, depending on the structural load required by the project.

The special fixing of the system does not foresee making holes on the polycarbonate sheets, allowing roofs of great lengths, giving the system a great ease in its installation and stable tightness against water infiltrations.

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Other Products

Macrolux Multiwall

Macrolux Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are an extruded plastic laminate produced with high technology polycarbonate resin. It has a protective layer to counteract weathering effects produced by UV rays.

Macrolux Rooflite

Macrolux Rooflite polycarbonate sheets are a high-performance material for natural lighting indoors or decks. Polycarbonate sheets are made with high technology resin.

Macrolux Systems

Macrolux polycarbonate specialized systems can be used as trapezoidal sheets, modular locking systems, panels for roofs combined with existing metallic structures and self-supporting solutions.

Macrolux Solid

Macrolux Solid polycarbonate sheets are an excellent option for natural lighting when security and impact resistance are essential. Solid polycarbonate sheets are a very versatile material that can be cut or cold formed when being installed.