When design is required, Macrolux modern glazing products offer many possibilities! Our products for architectural applications are safe, functional, durable and nice; they cover different requirements of light transmission and diffusion, as well as other optional specifications. Designed to be a perfect option in cases where traditional glass can result risky or in complicated installations. Macrolux products are ideal for:

  • Sports facilities: stadiums, auditoriums, gymnasiums, aquatic centers, race tracks, etc.
  • Transportation facilities: airports, bus terminals, tunnels, noise barriers, etc.
  • Cultural buildings: museums, libraries, theaters, etc.

Translucent Panels for Roofing and Skylights

Macrolux products offer a wide range of translucent panels that combine optimal light transmission, impact and weathering resistance, protection against UV rays as well as many other benefits for your building. You will surely find the right product for your specific need and project.

Curtain Walls and Partitions

The curtain wall is a non – structural component which can be made of lightweight materials (like macrolux pc), reducing construction costs and providing an architecturally pleasing building as well as benefits such as daylighting. Macrolux high quality products gives you temperature and visual comfort when using as highly glazed curtain walls; they offer thermal insulation resulting in cost effective heating, cooling and natural lighting in the building. They contribute to obtain LEED credits for you sutainable project.

Covered Walkways

There are many reasons to build covered walkways, such as protection against UV rays, changing weather conditions, for security and safety reasons or simply to add value to your building. Whatever is your reason surely will find the right product for you specific need.

Acoustic Barriers

Transparent acoustic barriers are an ideal way of reducing or virtually eliminating the visual impact of a noise barrier and they are normally built for 3 reasons:

  • To prevent hindering the scenic view for the driving public;
  • To prevent hindering the scenic view for the residents adjacent to the roadway;
  • To prevent hindering the view of retail establishments for the driving public.