Easyroof PA

The specialized polycarbonate system Easyroof PA is the best solution for natural lighting on isolated polycarbonate sheets. Specially designed for the use of natural lightning with a high thermal and acoustic isolation, to be combined with the steel isolated panels use in the construction industry. It has a protection layer against UV rays eliminating 99% of these harmful rays and thanks to its 4 – wall structure it avoids condensation. Resist hail of up to 21 mm diameter.

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Common Applications

  • Sheds
  • Stores
  • Warehouses, etc.


  • Compatible with isolated sheets on a row
  • Provides excellent natural light transmission
  • Prevents condensation
  • Practically unbreakable
  • Resist hail of up to 21 of diameter
  • Self – extinguishing


  • Contribute LEED credits
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • 15 – 20 years of useful life
Maximum distance for supports
Distance between supports Load
m (in) Pressure Suction
1.5 (59”) 2100 Pa     Max. 1400 Pa
1.75 (69”) 1600 Pa
2 (79”) 1250 Pa
2.25 (88.5”) 950 Pa
2.5 (98.5”) 750 Pa
Test Grade
ASTM E84-01 Class A-I (NFPA, UBC)
ASTM D635-74 Flame retardant (Classification CC1)
ASTM D2843-93 Low smoke density (UBC Standard no. 26-5)
ASTM D1929-68 Meets the ignition temperature standard (UBC standard N. 26-6)
Easyroof 30 4W 4227
    Width  (mm) Weight (lb/ft2) Weight (kg/m2) Light transmission, crystal color (%) Acoustic isolation (db) Cold bend radius (m) Colors
Easy Roof 30/4W- 4227 (four walls) Easy Roof 30/4W- 4227 Easy Roof 30/4W- 4227 30 0.63 3.1 52 21 5.6
Physical Characteristics UNIT VALUE
Width m (in) .993 (39”)
Length m (in) up to 12.20 (480”)
Thickness mm (in) 30 (1.18”)
# of walls    4
Weight kg/m2 (lb/ft2) 3.1 (.63)
Solar Heat Gain Coeff (SHFC) SHGC 0.36
U value W/m2 °K 1.59
Acoustic Isolation dB  21
ASTM D-5628-95 J impact J 0.83
Thermal Expansion mm/m ºC 0.0654
Work temperature range ºC -40 to 120
Cold forming radius m (ft) 5.6 (18.3’)
Light Transmission Clear – Opal % 52, 35
UV protection   One side
Warranty Years 10

Manufactured under ISO 9001 standards.

The use of Macrolux Easyroof contributes to obtaining LEED credits, under the following categories:

  • Sustainable Sites
  • Energy and Environment
  • Materials and Resources
  • Interior Environmental Quality
  • Innovation and Design
  • Proximity

Macrolux Easyroof 30/4W should be made from ridge to channel and with minimum slope of 7%.

In order that the metallic elements do not scratch the inner part of the Macrolux Easyroof 30/4W, it is recommended to place a neoprene or E.P.D.M. where the sheet is supported and sealed.

Macrolux Easyroof 30/4W is protected with a film on its outer side with the objective of protect the material during its storage, transportation and installation. Because of the wings’ structure, it is not possible to place it upside down anyway, this film shows that this side is the one with UV protection and some management and installation tips, consider that it should be immediately removed once that installation is finished, on the contrary, it will remain attached to the sheet. When necessary, make a seal on the joints, assure the compatibility of the polycarbonate with the sealant (it is recommended cured neutral sealant alcohol based).

It is essential to cover the cells in order to avoid the entrance of dust inside the sheet. It is recommended to place aluminum tape and window tape on the external: flat on top and porous on the lower end, this avoids internal condensation. In case of wanting these tapes placed from the manufacture of Macrolux Easyroof 30/4W, please indicate it on your order so that it can be quoted and considered.

During the material manipulation on deck for installation, there should be precautions and do not drag the Macrolux Easyroof 30/4W on the metal cover because it may cause scratches and irreversible damage on the back of the sheet.

Macrolux Easyroof 30/4W can be easily cut with circular saws (with small tooth blades), mechanical or saws for metal with fine tooth (in these cases it is needed to hold the sheet in order to avoid vibrations). It is convenient to eliminate remains of shavings lodged in the cells of the sheet.

Do not step, use for walking nor lean on the Macrolux Easyroof 30/4W during maintenance operations, installation or cleaning.

The polycarbonate thermal expansion coefficient is noticeably superior to those of the metallic structures and of other plastic products, so it is essential to foresee systems that allow the free expansion of the sheets. To fix Macrolux Easyroof 30/4W it is needed to make bigger holes on the upper part of the tabs/wings with a diameter bigger that the screw, placing a support beneath the border to avoid vibrations while making the hole.

Once the holes are made and having cut the Macrolux Easyroof 30/4W longitudinally between 2 isolated steel panels, metallic flashing should be placed so that it is screwed on top to fix the Macrolux Easyroof 30/4W border and stays fixed to the border of the sandwich sheet.

Easyroof Installation

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